TV Series – Science-Fiction

Our planet lives and breathes off of positive energies, whereas the negative energies process themselves into strange and unusual places, people, and things all over the earth. When such negative energies emerge as dangerous and fantastical “anomalies” all over the world, the Outlier is tasked to find and redirect them, saving anyone and anything threatened by their existence.

In this science fiction series, the mythical and mysterious Leo the Outlier is joined by Theresa, a wide eyed young adventurer, as they embark on strange and unusual adventures all across the world, discovering how magical – and dangerous – our earth truly is.

ANOMALIES is a procedural , sci-fi adventure series. Each week we will have a new anomaly, a new adventure. Our protagonists Theresa and Leo will battle anomalies all around the world, while also discovering deep and dark revelations about their own past. These anomalies are grounded in reality; they are NOT creatures or evil villains. They are simply forms of negative energy in the world that manifest themselves into freak accidents or events, such as a never-ending snow storm in July, etc.