Feature – Romantic Comedy

Writer/Director Renuka Jeyapalan (Big Girl).

Attractive and single, thirty-something Charlotte Morrow – or “Charly” as she is affectionately known to her friends – feels relatively comfortable in her new single status that attending a college friend’s wedding without a date doesn’t even seem like a challenge at first. But things get complicated when she bumps into her newly engaged ex-boyfriend Kelly for the first time since their break-up. As the night unravels, old feelings stir up and Charly begins to wonder if she’s falling in love all over again or finally accepting what it’s like to be alone.

Full Synopsis

It’s been one year since  Charly Morrow left her ex-boyfriend, Kelly, at the church altar. It wasn’t that she didn’t love him, but rather she was afraid of embracing the change and responsibility of a grown-up life. But now a year later… things haven’t exactly worked out. She lives in her childhood home with her younger brother Robbie, scrapes by on piece-meal work as a seamstress and barely makes a living. Her life seems to be one chaotic disaster after another. Being alone hasn’t been easy and she feels uncertain about her future more than ever.

On the anniversary of her dramatic break-up, Charly returns to the “scene of the crime” in order to attend a college friend’s wedding much to the surprise of her best friends, Angela, a new mom struggling with her first child, and Jess, a perfectionist in life and love. But Charly is determined to show everyone that she’s not a mess and has no regrets about last year. However, when Charly spots Kelly during the ceremony with his hot, supermodel date, Olivia, she’s caught off guard. Why has he come back? Isn’t he supposed to be in London? Who is this new woman in his life? And why does he have to look so damn good? When she bumps into him after the ceremony, Charly is surprised to find that Kelly seems to have completely forgiven her for leaving him at the altar. And just as she begins to think they could start up again, he reveals that Olivia is not just his date, but his new fiancée. Charly’s world is turned upside down. She realizes that the only way to get her life “on track” is to win Kelly back. Despite her friends’ concerns, Charly attends the wedding reception, hoping to find a way to get into Kelly’s good books and back into his life. She manages to seat herself at Kelly and Olivia’s table in an attempt to remind him of how great they were together, but instead she realizes that he’s a different person—maybe even a better person without her. And just as she’s about to give up all hope of winning him back, an unexpected turn of events gives Charly one last chance to make things right with Kelly.

As the night unravels, the wedding turns into a whirlwind of surprising adventures, where Angela, Jess and Robbie’s problems entangle with Charly’s, forcing her to reconsider if the best thing for her to do is fight for the love of her life or to let him go and finally grow up.