“A virtual reality without parallel. Just shy of photo-realistic. Users ‘plug-in’ for the ultimate escape in entertainment, commerce, and debauchery.”

Feature, Sci-Fi/Adventure

Writer/Director Jordan Barker.

Even with NextWorld’s unlimited potential for access and connectivity, Alex MacKenzie (25) runs alone–and that’s just how he likes it. Alex logs his time in NextWorld posing as a SkyTrain tour photographer, swapping government sanctioned passports and credits from the very few who still travel this way.

When a cyber bomb detonates in NextWorld’s elite Buena Vista Casino, Alex narrowly escapes with his life. After a harrowing chase across the nexus, Alex jolts awake in the real world to discover he’s been framed. A nefarious crime boss forces Alex into Abbraxas, the future’s solution to the world’s overflowing prison population. Prisoners are put to sleep in morgue-like drawers and do their time in a virtual prison.

Alex is injected with a digital bomb and is told he has three days to find a man named Lenny Wise, a mysterious prisoner who is thought to be hiding “off the grid”. As Alex enters this strange new world, he discovers that nothing is quite as it seems. He must uncover the true reason for why he was framed, why Lenny Wise is hiding, and what is truly at stake. NextWorld takes us across unbelievable new landscapes as Alex unravels the web of secrets and tries to escape across NextWorld, back to reality.

NextWorld should be considered for 3D production and will use state-of-the-art green screen, motion tracking, and virtual world immersion (Avatar, Tron Legacy, Alice in Wonderland, Sin City, 300).