The Waiting Room 2


Written and directed by the critically-acclaimed Igor Drljaca (Krivina – Official Selection TIFF 2014), THE WAITING ROOM is an English and Bosnian language feature set and shot in Toronto. Gearshift Films are producing THE WAITING ROOM alongside TimeLapse Pictures and YN Films and were generously funded by Telefilm Canada, Canada Arts Council , Ontario Arts Council and The Harold Greenberg Fund. The film is slated for completion in the summer of 2015 for an expected festival run and a prospective theatrical release in 2016.

Jasmin, a once successful actor in pre-war Bosnia, now living in Toronto with his second wife and 10 year-old son is struggling to reinvigorate his acting career. He jugles a construction job and busy audition schedule, while secretly plotting to return to his native country. But when he’s cast in a role that triggers memories of the Bosnian war, and outside pressures begin to mount, Jasmin in forced to confront his own mortality.