A relaxing family retreat turns into the holiday from hell when a cult-like family of masked killers set their sights on a young family. Newlyweds Sarah and Cory Morgan take Cory’s 7-year old son to their isolated farmhouse to bond as a new family. Despite the idyllic location, they begin to realize that the trip was a mistake. The house unearths fresh memories of Liam’s recently deceased mother and the boy lashes out at Sarah for taking her place. In the course of this domestic turmoil, it becomes apparent that someone has been living in the house while they were away. After a police inspection and much assurance that there is nothing to worry about, Cory and Sarah decide to stay the night; their second mistake. Their unwanted house guests have been hiding in the house all along and take Liam in the middle of the night. Cory and Sarah find themselves fighting for their lives as they desperately try to get their son back from the sadistic family of murderers that have claimed him as their own.

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Katharine Isabelle

Sarah Morgan

Since as early as 1989, Katharine Isabelle has delivered superb performances in numerous highly respected films and television shows, and has held her own alongside seasoned veterans like Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, Rachael Leigh Cook, Hilary Swank and Tara Reid. Her first big success was found with the horror trilogy, Ginger Snaps, which showed everyone what she could bring to the screen.

Following the success of the franchise, she nabbed some great supporting roles, one being in the Wes Craven feature Freddy vs. Jason and the other as acting alongside Al Pacino in the movie Insomnia. Katie, not being shy to television as well, will be recurring on the hit SyFy series, Being Human, this season. Most recently, her portrayal of the titular character, “Mary,” in the award-winning horror film American Mary, made a big splash in Hollywood and has led to the film’s successful sale to Anchor Bay for distribution in Canada, Universal International for UK and XLrator Media for US.


Robin Dunne

Cory Morgan

A native to Toronto, Canada, got his first major television role playing the troubled son of Judith Light in Against their Will: Women in Prison which led to pivotal roles in other TV movies including Brother’s Destiny, Love and Betrayal: The Mia Farrow Story, A Husband a Wife and Lover, Codebreakers and Roughing It, in which he played a young Mark Twain alongside James Garner.

Dunne’s film career began in 1998, when he landed a role in the John Woo produced blockbuster The Big Hit opposite Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips and Christina Applegate. Dunne’s other feature film credits include Jack and Jill vs The World, Borderline Normal, The Skulls 2, The Snow Walker, Species 3 and Just Friends. His television work includes roles on Manchester Prep, Dawson’s Creek, CSI Miami, NCIS, Dead Like Me, and Defiance. Robin’s most recent television work includes a starring role opposite Amanda Tapping in the SyFy Channel’s hit series Sanctuary that ran for four seasons. He also directed on the series.


Stephen McHattie

Officer Hawkins

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, Stephen McHattie has been seen in The Watchmen for Warner Brothers, which reunited him with Zach Snyder who directed him in the international blockbuster 300. He had a significant presence in 2012 directed by Roland Emmerich. A veteran of over 50 films and over 100 television projects, McHattie’s feature performances include the inquisitor in Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain,  A History of Violence, The Lazarus Child and Secretary. McHattie stars in Pontypool, a feature directed by Bruce MacDonald, which earned him a Genie award nomination for Best Lead Actor. He starred with Roy Dupuis in The Rocket: The Maurice Richard Story, a performance for which he won a Genie Award for Best Supporting Actor.

McHattie’s latest television ventures include a recurring role on the series Haven for Syfy and Happy Town for ABC. McHattie received the 1995 Gemini Award for Best Actor in a telefilm Life with Billy (CBC). He was a series regular on Cold Squad, Emily of New Moon (CBC), Beauty and the Beast, and Scene of the Crime (CBS).  He was nominated for a Gemini for a starring role on the television series Murdoch Mysteries. McHattie made his Broadway debut in “The American Dream” in 1968 and was a member of the legendary Phoenix Theater as well as the famous Circle in the Square repertory